kart peppermint 15ml

kart peppermint 15ml

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Price: RM70.00

100% pure essence obtained by steam distillation from leaves and stalks of mentha piperita.

peppermint is native to europe and is a hybird of water mint + spearmint. it is know as the world's oldest medicines due to its impressive long history while its active ingredient - menthol, gives refreshing aroma.

helps in:

  • headache / migraine
  • cold / flu / nasal congestion
  • reducing hunger craving
  • travel sickness / tiredness
  • tense muscles / joint pain
  • indigestion / bloating

healthy tips:

  • improves study alertness - add 1  drop to shirt before study time. 
  • to reduce fever - add 1-2 drops to wet towel and place on forehead.
  • freshens bad breath - add 1 drop to toothpaste before brushing or add 1 drop to salt then dissolve in water and gargle.
  • for pain relief in muscles and joint - add 1 drop to wet cotton pad / facial tissue and aplly on pain areas to cool the muscles.
  • blends well with - cypress, lemon, lavender, marjoram.

** not ideal for those with history of heart disease and epilepsy due to its stimulating effect**


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