Kordel's Bilberry 3000 (4 x 30's)

Kordel's Bilberry 3000 (4 x 30's)

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  • Bilberry 3000 is a high dose standardized extract of bilberry formulated to assist with visual fatigue and eye strain.
  • Bilberry extract helps maintain healthy vision and is used to treat a variety of eye disorders. It is a well-known folk remedy for poor vision, especially for people who suffer from night blindness. Bilberry works by accelerating the regeneration of visual purple, a substance that is required for good eyesight.
  • Bilberry has been shown to help with retinopathy. Retinopathy is the leading cause of blindness among diabetics and is characterized by damage to the capillaries in the retina. A study indicated that daily use of bilberry extract led to a reduction in capillary fragility and haemorrhaging.
  • Bilberry is able to protect the eyes from free radicals and therefore reduce the progression of cataracts.
  • Macular degeneration is another eye disorder which mostly occurs due to free radical damage to the retina. This condition commonly affects adults over 50 years of age. Clinical studies have found that bilberry may offer significant protection against the development of this condition, and retard the progression of macular degeneration.

In summary bilberry is able to assists visual function, eye strain and night vision, and helps in the relief of:

  • retinopathy
  • cataract
  • macular degeneration
  • varicose veins
  • haemorrhoids


Take 1 vegetarian capsule 2 times daily with meals, or as directed by your healthcare professional.


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