Kordel's Alpha-Lipoic Acid 100mg (3 x 30's)

Kordel's Alpha-Lipoic Acid 100mg (3 x 30's)

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  • To reduce blood glucose levels.
  • To reduce damage to tissues caused by excess sugar.
  • As an antioxidant.

Suitable for:

  • Diabetics
  • Individuals who consume high amounts of sugar and carbohydrates
  • Individuals who are obese or have a big waistline
  • Individuals with a family history of metabolic diseases
  • Those who lead sedentary lifestyles

Alpha-lipoic acid(ALA) is a fatty acid found naturally inside every cell in the body and is essential for the production of energy for the body's normal function. Alpha-lipoic acid converts glucose (blood sugar) into energy. It can be produced by the body and can also be found in very small amounts in foods such as spinach, broccoli, brewer's yeast and organ meats. The need for supplementation is dependent on an individual’s lifestyle and diet, a supplement containing ALA may be useful.

Diabetes is characterized by high blood glucose levels. ALA stimulates the uptake of blood glucose into muscle cells, increases glycolysis and augments glucose utilisation.

Exposure to toxic metals and compounds from food and the environment can be detrimental to health. ALA has been used to protect the liver from the harmful effects of toxins and heavy metals. This is in addition to the metal chelating and antioxidant properties of ALA.


Take 3 capsules daily before meals.


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