Eurobio Bio-Energee (30's)

Eurobio Bio-Energee (30's)

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Price: RM41.34


Eurobio Bio-Energee is a synergistic combination of 22 essential vitamins and minerals for complete nutritional assurance.

Vitamins and minerals are important nutrients essential for life.

Hectic lifestyles, meeting deadlines and striving for best performance are some of the mental and physical stress faced today. When under stress, vitamins and minerals will deplete more rapidly from the body.

However, it is virtually impossible to meet the daily nutritional requirement by eating foods available to us today. This could be due to food preference and reduced nutrient bioavailability during storage, shipping, processing and cooking.

  • Complete nutritional assurance for maintenance of good health, vitality and well being
  • More benefits with enhanced “energy”, “nutrient balance”, “immunity”, “concentration” and “stress fighting” features
  • Suitable for those who are always feeling tired or those with low energy
  • Suitable for those with low appetite, imbalance diet and on weight loss programme
  • Will be helpful to those with low body immunity
  • Suitable for people with low concentration power
  • Beneficial for people who lead a stressful and busy lifestyle
  • Suitable for teenagers, adults and the elderly


1 softgel daily with meals.

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