Aning Bio-Beauty 60's

Aning Bio-Beauty 60's

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Clinical Experience Application:-
Suitable for all ages of Women, who wants to improve or preserve current women’s health and prevent women’s diseases:-

  • Supplement for women’s health 
  • Lack of energy
  • PMS 
  • Minor Menstruation related pain
  • Body firming
  • Beauty skin

Bio Beauty medicines are formulated mainly with blood regulating Prescription herbs with slightly "warm" natural energy; "Sweet & Acrid" tastes as to build up a stronger “Heart, Liver & Kidney” functions in order to improve and preserve women's health and to minimize women disease problems.
Indication: Traditionally used to strengthen women’s health.


2 capsules per day after meal

  • This herbal medicine is suitable to be taken with empty stomach.
  • Take herbal medicine with warm water for better result.
  • You also can take the herbal medicine without capsule for easy absorption thus increase effectiveness.
  • This herbal medicine not recommend take together with Western Medicine.

Common reaction of taking Bio Beauty:-
The first 20 days might have tired symptoms due to the body is restored to maximum health conditions. Very rarely some women may have temporary body-heat symptoms that can overcome by drinking more plain water or take our body heat reducing herbal medicine for temporary to relief its warm energy generated during the restoring effects.

Special Notes:

  • Sufficient plain clean water intake is crucial for the effects
  • May need at least 45-60 days to see the notable result and improvement 
  • Used only as adjunctive treatments to Western Medicine
  • Additional of EPO supplement may assist in boosting women’s health effect
  • Please consult proper medical advice for serious conditions


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