Corporate Info

Who are We?

Farmasi Britain Sdn Bhd is a community pharmacy specialized in providing quality healthcare to the public. Farmasi Britain S/B is affiliated with Farmasi Sentral of. Jalan Chow Kit. Both pharmacy are run by experience Retail pharmacists & health consultants who has years of experience. 

What We Do?

Our customers are our main concern and we endeavour to provide them with exceptional service and healthcare. We offer some professional health check services such as blood pressure check, blood glucose testing, BMI and etc with no appointment required. Our pharmacist is fully trained and professional to conduct the testing.The pharmacist will discuss the results with you in confidence and recomend any relevant health supplement you might need to take as a result of the check.

We are much more than a ordinary pharmacy, instead of dispensing medicine we offer high quality services by discussing the health issues to our customers as a result to improve community health by suggesting affordable health supplements. Because in Farmasi Britain, we believe "prevention is better than cure", a proper health management is utmost important to get one's healthy thus we aim to deliver high quality healthcare services to the community.